söndag 4 januari 2009

87 to screen in finland

"87" will be screened at the KOSMORAMA KINOKLUBI in ÅBO, FINLAND, on March 15th, 2009.

torsdag 6 november 2008

87 to screen in stockholm

"87" will be shown at the special screening event "NEW SCANISH FILM" at the premiere culture centre KULTURHUSET in STOCKHOLM, the capitol of Sweden, on November 13th, at 11:00 AM. together with several other Scanish-produced films, it will showcase the current artistic level of, and the broad base of productions, having been conducted in the southern parts of Sweden during the last year. please see the following .pdf-flyer for more information regarding the event as well as the actual programme: read here (please note that the flyer is in Swedish).

torsdag 25 september 2008

87 available for closed online streaming during nordic panorama

"87" is a part of FILMKONTAKT NORDs online market during the NORDIC PANORAMA 5 CITIES FILM FESTIVAL 2008 which takes place in MALMÖ, SWEDEN this year. accredited industry officials, byers and other industry-related personnel has the opportunity to view the film in a streamed version for their consideration.

onsdag 24 september 2008

87 to screen in turkey

"87" has been selected for Official Selection at the 3rd INTERNATIONAL BURSA SILK ROAD FILM FESTIVAL in TURKEY. the festival takes place between november 28th and december 4th.

torsdag 21 augusti 2008

87 to screen in lithuania

"87" has been selected to screen at the INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL TINKLAI in LITHUANIA between September 6th to 30th. it will be screened in the special "contemporary swedish film" section.

onsdag 18 juni 2008

87 selected for Båstad

"87" has been selected to screen at the prestigious LILLA FILMFESTIVALEN I BÅSTAD (THE LITTLE FILM FESTIVAL IN BÅSTAD) on August 2nd, 9.30AM. the festival was started 12 years ago by the renowned Swedish film director BO WIDERBERG, shortly before his passing.
this is the second year in a row that CSABA BENE PERLENBERG has a film in the programme. last year his film "THE WALK", which only a couple of months afterwards would become internationally awarded at several film festivals, also screened at the festival.

tisdag 10 juni 2008

87 in official competition in grimstad/norway

"87" is in OFFICIAL SELECTION and COMPETITION for the 31st NORWEGIAN INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL in GRIMSTAD, southern NORWAY. the festival takes place between JUNE 12-17, and the film is shown in the "NEW INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS" section.

CSABA BENE PERLENBERG, the films director, will attend the festival all through the event, and report on a daily basis (in English) on his own blog @ perlenberg.blogspot.com.

söndag 11 maj 2008

87 awarded best screenplay

on MAY 11th, "87" and it´s writer/director CSABA BENE PERLENBERG won BEST SCREENPLAY at the SCANISH FILM DAYS in MALMÖ. as such, it was the first film ever to receive the newly established award. the award was decided by the MALMÖ SCREENWRITING GROUP.

the following is the motivation for the award, as given by the group:
"With literary elements, the screenplay gives a sharp idea that concern and captures the reader in to the story. It is not just letters on a sheet of paper. The fact that the author feel strongly about his vision penetrates through both the script and the finished film. Slowly, a multi-layered image develops that questions matters of life and death, human reactions and relationships.

With a perspective that sometimes excludes important storytelling components, the film proper risks with its audience. The film is thus a brave film, without a beginning and end that does not seem to want to dictate the audience's interpretation. We are given room room to think on our own, but at the same time, we remain inside the story until the end.

This we see as a sign of an excellent ability to succeed in telling a story with a high standard as well as a story which is organic, that both surprises and shows that it has something special on its mind.
for sales and contact, please contact producer HELENA DANIELSSON at helena@heppfilm.se or +46733428184